There’s no such thing as talent, cap’n! Only inspiration and ambition! And mine burns white-hot!

What I do

I believe technology has to help accessibility, inclusiveness and this f... planet.

Knowledge and its fruits has to be shared with as much people as possible, has to be built by as much diverse people as possible and has to help us, as human beings, survive on this big rock.

Yes, we can do it and also profit from it.

What I do, in practice

Educated as a manager, grown as a developer, I love to solve problems: both are the same job, in the end.

Because of my double background, I can talk both business and tech lingo. As such I tend to use Domain-Driven Design, but I'm flexible enough to adapt in order to get things done. I prefer delivering to being right (in the long term, the one who delivers is always right).

Not scared by moonshot projects, I want my work to have the widest impact, so I think big also in smaller ones. After all, moonshot projects are just a set of small problems...

My stack

Laravel, usually if I inherited a project or the project is going to be inherited by someone else (short term projects)

Python, usually if the project is data heavy or machine learning related

Go, for longer term projects and possibly everything

NodeJS, for nanoservices, if Go is not feasible

Vue (and React, but less) for the frontend

How can I help?

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