Today I am a full stack developer and DevOps, but the adventure didn't begin that way.

"Born and bred" as an economist and manager, in 2018 I discovered that solving problems with code was a lot more effective and efficient.

I started by coding solutions for small personal problems, and found out that I could help my clients better in the same fashion.

Today I help small and big projects to grow using both my experience and education as a manager and my skills as a developer.

What I do

As of 2021 I am mainly focused on helping my clients breaking their Laravel monoliths into microservices, while developing new ones

I am mostly engaged for backend (Laravel, Python, NodeJS) and DevOps stuff (AWS, Docker, Nginx and Apache), but often I have to develop frontends too (above all Vue (with Nuxt), and sometimes React).

In the past I also used to develop solutions for websites using Wordpress (themes and plugins development, but also SEO) and creating interactive infographics using D3.js.

What's next

Learning new stuff is not an option in the field. I'm currently studying Machine Learning, focusing on Natural Language Processing and in particular Transformers.

I will start developing Machine Learning solutions for one of my clients later in 2021.

I also plan to become proficient in Go.

Latest projects


Full stack developer

Laravel, Vue, Python, NodeJS, DevOps, ML


Only developer

Python, Laravel, Vue (Nuxt), Wordpress, DevOps

Termometro Politico

Lead developer

Wordpress, Python, D3, DevOps


Only developer

Solo project: React (Gatsby), Stripe

How can I help?

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